Collection of Amps and Guitars

On these pages I will present some of my guitar amp projects.
There will also be some guitar build projects.

Fendet family


Fender collection (clones)

Up front 2 Fender Tweed deluxe.
In the back from left to right, 
Fender Super Reverb
Fender Princetone
Fender Deluxe Reverb
Guitars are Gibson Blues Hawk style
and Fender Telecaster in Curly Birch.





I am a hobby guitarist and amp builder/service man living in Kalmar Sweden.
Lately i also have started to build some guitars, this is ongiong so we have to
see how much guitars there will be built!

Here I have collected som useful links for amp and guitar buliders.

Ceriatone tubeamps kits.
Tedweber tubeampkits and speakers.
Tubetown tubeamp parts.
Gmf guitar and amp parts.
Gitarrdelar guitar parts.
Ey Guitar Music guitar parts.
Stewart-MacDonald guitar parts and tools.
Martin Well known guitar maker.
Martin guitar kits.